Statement: Hit the Ground Running

Each day Question Time hold a summit somewhere in Copenhagen- in cafes, street corners, domestic apartments, and train stations – after which a new statement of intent is produced towards an alternative declaration of the way forward on climate change.

Date: Wednesday 16th December 2009, 5.30pm

Attendees: Alex Eisenberg, David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Mary Paterson

Location: Café Zusammen
Minute Taker: Mary Paterson

I wasn’t impressed by it at all today, actually. We could talk about what an interview marathon is, if nobody comes. It’s a beautiful space. I was very excited about that before I came but funnily enough, now I’m here, it doesn’t seem that important. The fact that nobody came doesn’t affect the actual gesture in time and space What is prohibition? I dunno.  I just find that an interesting moment. The rocking chair was particularly meditative.  – The rocking chair was beautiful.  Did you put your head on the rest and just go with it?  – Yeah. I could have stayed there forever. His silences were really good.  He was really struggling with the questions. She was into the big.  We were small.  So it was a total ideological separation. What are we asking of people? Is our project really antagonistic?  We’re sticking to our guns and asking people to answer these questions, even if they don’t want to. Even if you say oh you don’t have to, it’s totally loaded. Human beings want to please other human beings, right? It’s a fucking inconvenience. One person asked me today, how does it feel, approaching people?  Because you’re really out on a limb? I think it gives you a license to do things that are not commercial. It’s a negative economy.  And it’s not sustainable.  Somebody has paid, and that somebody has an agenda. I don’t think they’re fully succeeding.  I think they need to be more radical to approach this. I’m gutted, that I haven’t been in a domestic situation, to cook for people. In London, if you give your room to someone it’s not a political act. Before you came we talked about that a lot: what the frame of ‘the art project’ is. That’s no more hideous that any of the others.  -Yes it is.  It doesn’t have an obscurity built into it. There’s that whole going-with-the-moment thing, isn’t there? She was a ‘young person’ – I’ve got a real problem with that – boring the tits off me. But, it came from a really boring place.  I made it sound interesting by accident, but really it was banal. I don’t think it matters if someone answers the question wrong. I’m very particular with the people I interact with. This has been much more challenging, but much more raw.  Hit the ground running.  Hit the ground running.

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