Question Time is a collaboration between David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Alex Eisenberg and Mary Paterson as Open Dialogues. Neil Bennun joins as an associate in Copenhagen. Question Time is programmed as part of New Life Copenhagen, featuring in the official United Nations COP15 artistic programme.

David Berridge

IMG_1370I am a writer making text works for exhibition, performance, print and online publication. Recent projects include GUEST WORK GUESS WORK, an exhibition at 7.9 Cubic Metres/ Stanley Picker Gallery, London, and curating WRITING EXHIBITIONS, a series of micro-exhibitions exploring connections of writing and exhibition making. I am particularly interested in experimental essaying; connections of writing, script and notation; and combined pedagogical implications of ecology and experimental art practice. Work online at Rubric, soanyway, Fillip, and Refutation.


Rachel Lois Clapham

IMG_1368I am a writer and Co-Director of Open Dialogues. My writing on performance is published in the UK and internationally. Projects in 2009 include Inside Performance, a regular column for Dance Theatre Journal, Notes on Notes, a performance writing residency at the Laing Gallery and Writing Live, an experiment in art, writing and performance with the Performa Biennial of Visual Art Performance, New York. Current fascinations are the porosity of text, improvisation and live writing.

Alex Eisenberg

IMG_1373I am an artist making performance and live art and a member of the collective Present Attempt. I work collaboratively across disciplines including performance, photography and writing. My current work is concerned with Network Theory and how people might be connected to each other. I also work with body>data>space on the interface between technology and the human body and the Robots and Avatars programme of work.


Mary Paterson

mary_portI am a writer and producer based in London, who works across Live Art, fine art, theatre and literature.  As co-founder of Open Dialogues I have worked with writers, artists and curators across the world; recent projects include Performance Saga (Switzerland), SPILL (London), New Work Network (UK) and Performa (New York).  I am General Manager of Extant, and writer in residence at the Live Art Development Agency.


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